What is Unbound Ministry?

Do you want to experience more freedom in your life? Do you feel like something is holding you back or that you are not reaching your full potential? Are you unhappy with ways you respond to others or to circumstances, or are you unhappy with the way in which the comments of others impact you? Of so, then Unbound is for you.

Unbound is a non-confrontational, Christ-centered deliverance ministry. It is a guided approach to helping people experience freedom from the impact of the lies they have believed and restoring the truth back into our lives to live out God’s great plans for us.

The foundational principles of Unbound are essentially the gospel:

  • • Repentance and faith in Christ
  • • Forgive those who have transgressed against us
  • • Renounce lies we have believed
  • • Command the enemy to leave
  • • Receive the truth (blessings) of God to replace the lies

If you want greater freedom in your life, reach out to us today.
Contact Matthew Leslie on 0409 295962 or Sulyn Leslie on 0408 966632 for details.