Offerings, Tithing and Almsgiving

Cannon Law of the Catholic Church states that “The Christian faithful are obliged to assist with the needs of the Church so that the Church has what is necessary for divine worship, for apostolic works and works of charity and for the decent sustenance of ministers. They are also obliged to promote social justice and, mindful of the precept of the Lord, to assist the poor from their own resources.”

We believe that the Community is a gift that God has raised to be able to help people come to know him and grow in discipleship. It is part of the mission of the Church and as such can only survive through the generosity of its members. The Lord asks us to be generous in giving our resources for His work because everything we have comes from his goodness. This includes from our financial resources (2 Cor 9:7-12).

Ten percent is a benchmark for tithing for Community members, as outlined in the Scriptures, however this amount is not prescriptive. The amount Community members should tithe is best determined by asking the Holy Spirit how much they should give. Tithing is important but it is up to the individual to determine how much and to where they tithe.

In 2 Corinthians 8:1-15, Paul encourages generosity in responding to the needs of the Community in Jerusalem. Almsgiving is any material favour done to assist the needy, and prompted by charity. It is more than simply an act of giving, it is an attitude of the heart. The Catholic Catechism states that “giving alms to the poor is a witness to fraternal charity: it is also a work of justice pleasing to God.” (CCC 2462)

An “Offering” is financial giving over and above our duties to tithing and almsgiving. It is giving for a special purpose to advance the work of the Lord (e.g. specific donations for the support of the MGLs or YMT).

The principles that play out in offerings, tithing and almsgiving are generosity and prudence. We are called to be generous and we are called to be responsible.

Community members can tithe to the Branch either at Gatherings or by direct deposit into the DOJ Sydney North Bank Account – BSB 06 2279, Account Number 1008 3868.

We also invite non-members to support the work of the Community by making an offering either at Gatherings or by direct deposit using the same account details shown above.