The Sydney North Branch was the first of the Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community Branches and for some time was the heart of the Community. It commenced on the 21st  of October 1979 initially meeting in Pymble. After some months the community gatherings moved to the Parish Hall at Waitara close to where a number of community members lived. Since then the branch has met in several locations until it moved to the Holy Spirit Parish Hall, North Ryde in 1999. In 2007, the community gatherings moved to the Holy Name of Mary Parish Hall, Rydalmere where they still currently meet.

The first clustering of houses took place in the suburb of Wahroonga but has since moved to Baulkham Hills where majority of the branch members live today including the Disciples Youth Mission Team Sydney. It was in late 1992, when Tomas and Epay Lara moved to Baulkham Hills and together with Peter and Kath Upton started a cluster in Baulkham Hills. However because a number of members lived in different locations around Sydney, the community gatherings were initially held at North Ryde and later at Rydalmere. We have now moved our gatherings to the Jasper Road Public School Hall at the corner of Jasper Road and Seven Hills Road, Baulkham Hills

In the early years the community’s vision was concentrated on working to serve the Church in Sydney. The focus was, from the earliest days, on evangelisation. Sydney-wide Rallies were held, and these attracted large crowds at venues such as football stadiums. On occasions, 10 metre banners were strung up on the approaches to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and other strategic locations to advertise the events. 

In 1999 the first Disciples Youth Mission Team Sydney North commenced. Located in Baulkham Hills the team is involved in youth evangelization not only in schools but in their local parish of St. Michael’s in Baulkham Hills. 

For some years, up to 1996, we also had a special ministry to the unborn through the provision of counselling services and accommodation for pregnant young ladies in Chatswood. 

The Sydney North Branch is led by its Elder, Tomas Lara assisted by his wife Epay Lara. Branch Council members are: Chris Cantrall, Roza Vukovich, Daniel Dahdah and Ellen Bevan.