Tuesday, 04 March 2008

A Healing Miracle

    Mark had been in pain right through the ‘across Australia’ car trip he, Michelle and their 5 young daughters had embarked on in late December 2007 and January 2008. Back in Perth, he entered hospital in severe pain on 3rd February and is still there. All the while the doctors have not been able to effectively reduce the pain level and Mark has had little respite. Some of us have spent much of our time beside his bedside. Many, many people across the world have been praying for him.

    Cat scans and an MRI found the tumour. Mark had two biopsies but neither was able to determine what the tumour was. On 19th Feb he underwent a 6 hour operation to remove it, or at least remove enough of the tumour for a decent biopsy to be performed. Mark’s collarbone had to be broken and it is now fixed with a metal plate and 9 screws. The surgeon told us that he was unable to remove all of the tumour, it was wrapped around the brachial plexus (a network of nerves located in the neck and axilla, composed of the anterior branches of the lower four cervical and first two thoracic spinal nerves and supplying the chest, shoulder, and arm), and there was a significant danger of cutting some of the nerves if he tried to remove everything. But he said he took enough of the tumour to enable an effective biopsy. Since 19th Feb, the specialists have been trying to identify the tumour. They are still not sure but think they have narrowed it down to a couple of benign tumours (giant cell tumour, or aneurismal bone cyst) and research is continuing. The surgeon said it was absolutely necessary to remove the remaining tumour, otherwise it would regrow and crush the nerves. However, there was a distinct possibility that removing it could severe the nerves that control the right arm, hand and fingers. According to the doctors the whole thing is ‘very rare’; the location was highly unusual, and this type of tumour is usually found inside the bone. So, the 2nd operation, to remove all of the tumour, was set for 28th Feb.

    On 17th Feb a friend, Steve Gillespie, reminded me of God’s promise in Mark 11:23-24. Since then, many of us have been vocally claiming that promise in relation to Mark’s tumour.

    On 22nd Feb Fr John Rea, a member of Lamb of God Covenant Community who has a strong healing gift, arrived from New Zealand to stay with Disciples of Jesus for a week. During that time Fr John celebrated healing Masses and ran Healing workshops.

    On Saturday 26th Feb evening Fr John and a few of us prayed for Mark at the hospital. Fr John specifically prayed that the tumour would go within 24 hours.

    On 28th Feb Mark underwent the operation to remove the tumour. The surgeon was surprised to find that the tumour had disappeared. A cat scan confirms there is no tumour. The surgeon has no explanation. We have, because that was what we have been praying for, and claiming!! According to one of the nurses who was part of the Theatre Team for Mark’s first operation, the ‘whole hospital’ is talking about it. God is a God of miracles. Our challenge is to believe His promises.

    Pain is reduced and is attributed now to the broken collarbone.

    All glory to God, and sincere thanks to you for your prayers. - Reg (March 2008)